Rail freight and its benefits

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Rail freight is not as commonly used as air and sea freight; however, it is also a reliable and safe means of shipping.

The following are some of the reasons you might want to consider this transport alternative.

· Speed and reliability

Compared to ocean freight, rail freight is fast and highly reliable with shorter lead times. For instance, one of the biggest challenges for companies with production in China is the long lead times to Europe when using ocean freight. Transportation by sea usually takes about six to seven weeks from China to Europe. However, with rail freight, the duration can be cut in half, thereby reducing the lead time significantly. This is especially beneficial to companies in the FMCG industry with high demands on short delivery times.

· Punctuality

It goes without saying that being a speedy mode of transport will result in punctuality of delivery. Unlike road freight that can be subjected to congestion, or sea freight that be subjected to bad weather conditions, rail freights experience little to no obstructions or delays, leading to punctuality.

· Eco-friendly with low exhaust emissions

From an environmental perspective, rail freight is an excellent choice for shipping. The major environmental advantage of rail freight is the reduction of exhaust emissions. Compared to air, road, and sea freight, the CO2 emissions of rail freight is minimal. This makes it very environmentally friendly.

· Cost efficiency

Shipping by rail requires lower transportation costs, in comparison to the other freight modes. This makes rail freight a very cost-efficient shipping alternative. The money saved on transportation can be used to cover other costs and create a more productive and agile supply chain.

· Safety

Safety is one of the benefits of railroad freight. Rail freight is generally considered to be one of the safest transport solutions for the shipping industry. In Nigeria, continuous investments in railway infrastructure will greatly improve the safety and efficiency of rail freight and consequently improve its overall performance significantly.

· Efficient GPS tracking

With the efficiency of GPS tracking in trains, carriers are able to ascertain the exact location of their customers’ shipments and follow up care. This helps to guarantee the protection of goods in transit, thereby minimizing or totally avoiding the risk of losses or theft.

The above-listed benefits go to show that rail freight is more beneficial and efficient than it is given credit for and should therefore be embraced more.

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AMG Logistics Nigeria is a Lagos-based TRACE certified logistics company. Contact: https://amglogistic.com/ [or on] https://www.facebook.com/AMGLogisticsNigeria

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AMG Logistics

AMG Logistics

AMG Logistics Nigeria is a Lagos-based TRACE certified logistics company. Contact: https://amglogistic.com/ [or on] https://www.facebook.com/AMGLogisticsNigeria

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