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Organizations are discovering that the only obstacle to speed and accuracy is a lack of visibility as both large and small retailers raise the bar for suppliers.

Businesses are using data analytics supported by the correct technology to get past these obstacles.

The Challenge

The supply chain is currently dominated by the “I want it now” mindset.

Our culture has come to expect everything to happen instantly, making slower internet connections or deliveries that take three days rather than two undesirable and annoying. Almost every element of modern living now reflects that mentality, including the supply chain.

Suppliers must modify processes to achieve these high requirements with ruthless expectations. But there is a significant obstacle blocking the way to obtaining these ideal performance levels: a lack of supply chain visibility. Up to 90% of firms perceive the visibility into their supplier networks as moderate to extremely low, according to a recent Deloitte survey.

Manufacturers and suppliers have no means of knowing where issues are and where improvements are required with such a veiled look into operations. How could a solution be found if the issue is unknown? The standard has been increased for supply chain managers, and gaining visibility is the solution.

The Solution

The need is so great that 63% of supply chain experts rank “having real-time visibility” as their top objective for boosting supply chain resilience and agility.

Suppliers must provide promptness and correctness to safeguard client relationships, brand reputation, and income. The precise agitators in their chain of activities that are producing friction must be able to be identified by managers.

Bring in analytics. The most important factor in the success of operations comes from investing in the correct analytics platform since there are millions of data points, hundreds of touchpoints, and continuously changing information. The correct technology and analysis will change your perspective from one of being reactive to being proactive, from evaluating your supply network and identifying possible dangers to integrating and simplifying intricate EDI data.

Powerful technology integration will give your company a clear picture of your entire network, giving you the ability to anticipate and avoid any problems that may arise in the future. This will put you on the right track to achieving the speed and precision you need to keep up with demands and put you on a solid foundation for future success.

The supply chain’s complexity and difficulties are still growing, but technology’s worth is also increasing. Speed and precision are powerful tools, especially when vendor and customer demand rise.

The appropriate technology and data-driven analytics put manufacturers in control, giving them the best possible perspective of their operations and the ability to take preventative action before issues develop.

Even if the events of 2020 showed us that the future might be unpredictable, the changing attitudes and move to digitalization are unavoidable. The moment has come to develop longevity, agility, and resiliency. It’s clear that you can succeed if the appropriate technology is used.

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AMG Logistics

AMG Logistics

AMG Logistics Nigeria is a Lagos-based TRACE certified logistics company. Contact: https://amglogistic.com/ [or on] https://www.facebook.com/AMGLogisticsNigeria