How to select forwarders and NVOC’s

How to select forwarders and NVOC’s

AMG Logistics
3 min readAug 15, 2022
AMG Logistics

Shipping and receiving items internationally might be challenging. The struggle is not yet won, however, until the goods are received and sent. The most critical step, and one that might give you the most headaches, is choosing the appropriate forwarder or NVOC (Non-Vessel-Operating Carrier). This is especially true if you make the wrong decision.

Consider these 10 suggestions for choosing the best NVOC to help in the decision-making process.


Lookup the FMC license number
Make sure the NVO or forwarder you are contemplating has a Nigerian license if nothing else. NIMASA Letterhead, invoices, and business cards for the organization must all have the license number.


Experience matters a lot
While it is not uncommon for a “new” NVOC to be able to offer exceptional service, years in existence are typically a sign that the firm has consistently pleased its clients. Verify the company’s track record before choosing it.


Does the NVOC have spatial awareness?
The geographic scope of the service is crucial. Verify that the NVOC you select has a permanent agent or a local office at your location. This shows a degree of knowledge of the requirements of that specific market. When they don’t have direct service to a specific location, some NVOs simply co-load freight with another NVOC. They take any cargo heading anywhere. Unless that NVO doesn’t have an agent at that location, this isn’t always a bad thing.


Obtain an instruction letter
The majority of NVOCs have a standard form that you may use to give them the essential details about the consignment. Keep in mind that verbal instructions are worthless as they are not written down. Obtain written directions.


Obtain rate quotations in writing
If the rate has not been included in the NVOC’s tariff, even written quotations may be disregarded. Getting a confirmation that the rate stated has been added to the NVO’s tariff before the day of sailing is a good habit to form.


Be on the lookout for NVOCC insurance
For the NVOC to settle your claim should the products experience loss or damage, be sure the carrier you select has this kind of coverage.


Ensure that the NVOC staff are aware of their responsibilities
Do the staff members comprehend the role of an NVOC and the specifications for your shipment? It may sound absurd, but several NVOCs have shown a complete ignorance of shipping. “All they know about shipping,” one may say, “is that the sharp portion goes first.” Speak with NVOC staff members. Inquire about the necessary paperwork, the transit period, and the vessel owners. An excellent NVO wants to handle your subsequent shipment and is available to help. The other type just desires this cargo.


A prompt answer indicates superior service
Are you promptly receiving answers to your rate requests? Do you receive satisfactory call-backs from your NVOC? Examine their service. Make sure you receive the communication you require to satiate your clients.


Get recommendations from satisfied clients
It never hurts to request recommendations. Try to get in touch with other clients who are exporting to the same region of the world or are at the very least in your sector.


Verify the business’s standing in the sector and in the port of destination
The NVOC’s reputation, particularly with vessel operators, may tell you a lot about the type of business they do.

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