How can specialized transportation help customers get better service?

How can specialized transportation help customers get better service?

AMG Logistics
4 min readMay 24, 2022
AMG Logistics

What does it take to provide excellent customer service as a shipper?

Your customers want undamaged, on-time, and frictionless orders, however, you only have power over a fraction of it. A truck driver, warehouse worker, or dispatcher is involved in delivering on your customer service commitments at some point along the road.

Typically, transportation firms use whatever vehicles and equipment are available, focusing only on cost, margin, and profit. Unfortunately, what is beneficial to the many may be harmful to the few.

Each market sector has its own set of goals and objectives. Many transportation managers are required to do more than simply locate a low-cost truck. They must organize the appropriate capacity and equipment, develop optimal scheduling, understand correct handling standards, and understand various retailer needs and timetables.

Using a transportation partner specialising in your business might relieve this stress while saving you money.

Your buyers, their facilities, preferences, schedules, and requirements will all be known to them. This advantages you directly in terms of customer service.

• Network of Experts

A specialist provider will have access to a network of approved carriers. You will not have to be concerned about a contaminated vehicle or a driver without clearance arriving at your customer’s distribution center. A specialist 3PL will also have a selected network that is familiar with your goods, your timeframes, and maybe the places you are delivering to. This is an underappreciated benefit that may assist you in continually exceeding your customers’ expectations.

• Handling

Whether you are shipping cosmetics, furniture, ice cream, or chemicals, each item has its own set of handling needs and travel considerations. Do you need to reroute for high altitude, avoid shifting, or be concerned about damage or theft? A supplier who specializes in your business will not only be aware of these constraints but will also know how to compensate for them so that your product arrives as intended, ensuring client satisfaction.

• Industry Knowledge

A specialist 3PL will be up to date on industry news and laws that affect your company. They can keep you up to date on new safety legislation or driver limitations that may affect your transportation schedules and prices. Without keeping an ear to the ground, a shipper might easily miss a new transportation restriction, causing them to miss a customer’s delivery deadline or incurring additional costs and fees. A skilled partner may relieve you of that burden, giving you peace of mind.

• Experience

Because a specialist has likely worked with your customers or receivers previously, they may tell you about their preferences, such as operating hours or paperwork, which can help you enhance customer service. Additionally, as a vendor or supplier, you must endeavour to integrate into your clients’ established processes.

This is especially true in the case of merchants. Every large box retailer has its own set of lead-time criteria, fulfilment standards, communication guidelines, dependability benchmarks, and vendor scorecards.

For anybody who is also in charge of account management, manufacturing, or sourcing, knowing and meeting these requirements might be tough. A specialized transportation company can assist you in navigating these complexities by educating your staff and monitoring compliance.

• Overall Service

Others that supply comparable items are likely to demand strong visibility and direct order updates as well. To satisfy these criteria, an expert will have protocols, processes, and technology in place.

They will learn about your requirements and be able to explain them to all parties involved. The extra procedures your product necessitates will not be unusual, and all parties involved will be aware of how to manage them.

As a generalist 3PL can undoubtedly pick up on these nuances, there will probably be a period of service failures or disgruntled clients while they get up to speed. Worse still, a salesman can pick up on these nuances and make promises that are not kept by operational workers that deal with a variety of sectors. Expect some difficulties if your organization is not fully aligned.

Working with a specialist transportation service like AMG Logistics will save you time and money while keeping your clients satisfied.

They are familiar with your product needs as well as your customers’ preferences, and they will be able to provide you with vital information that will improve your whole organisation.

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