How are your 2022 New Year’s resolutions going?

How are your 2022 New Year’s resolutions going?

AMG Logistics
3 min readMar 4, 2022
AMG Logistics

At the start of every new year, it is customary for many people to make various New Year’s resolutions and express their hopes for the coming year in a variety of ways.

This is in no small way a very good approach to a new year, as it helps to give one direction and purpose for the new year, however, it has been noticed that not so many people end up achieving most of these resolutions if any at all.

Setting ambitious new year’s resolutions more often than not end up in disappointment.

To have a higher achievement rate of your resolutions, the following are some factors to take into consideration:

1. Review and redefine your goals.

Sometimes, goals become unachievable because such goals are overly ambitious and unrealistic.

In a case like this, it is always advisable to take a deep breath, do a review of your goals and redefine your goals as necessary, doing this will not only bring about clarity to your goals, it also will help break the goals into realistically achievable bits, and in turn, help get the goals achieved with the set timelines, if not earlier.

2. Have a renewed commitment to your goals.

It is natural to feel discouraged and fizzle out in the strength needed to see your goals through, especially when so many things are not working according to plans.

This is not the time to give up on your goals, it is fine to relax and reflect, but not to give up.

Reflect and pay attention to the reasons why things are not working to plan.

Think through a way forward around the situation, give yourself a pat on the back on how far you have come and finally tell yourself that if you have come this far, then you can hang in there to achieve your goals.

3. Set a realistic timeline for your goals.

One very critical aspect of goal setting is determining a realistic and feasible timeline for your goals.

Set a too early timeline, you could be unable to achieve it, set a too late timeline, then you are most likely going to drag the implementation of your goal unnecessarily.

So, it is imperative to critically analyze your goals to be able to set a very feasible and realistic timeline for your goals.

With the above discussed, if followed, you are on your way to crushing your 2022 resolutions.

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