Full Truck Load (FTL) simplified

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Businesses that use the services of a freight carrier have a variety of alternatives for moving their cargo. Large shipments frequently use the full truckload (FTL) approach, which uses the whole truck’s area.

FTL shipping is perfect for companies who need to transport big or high-value goods across long distances. FTL freight is the best option for logistic organizations with huge shipments that must arrive on time and include delicate items. Less handling is necessary for full truckload shipments, which lowers the risk of freight damage.

What is FTL?

One of the most common shipping techniques, full truckload, involves filling the entire vehicle with the item. It’s perfect for big shipments where one company’s freight load takes up the whole area of a truck going to only one client. FTL is ideal for transporting sensitive, high-risk products or pallet weights between 10 and 22.

Less than truckload shipping, or LTL, is an alternative shipping technique. It’s a truckload of various cargo headed in various directions. It alludes to the transportation of modestly sized freight. By utilizing shared space, LTL freight carriers manage small shipments from several companies.

FTL offers a substantially lower chance of damage because a package travels on the same vehicle the entire time. Compared to LTL, FTL is a shipping technique that is safe, quick, and trustworthy.

Advantages of FTL over LTL shipping

Selecting a shipping method for the delivery of products might be challenging. There are several things to consider before shipping. When delivering products, it might be tough to choose between FTL and LTL. Over less than truckloads, full truckloads offer a few further advantages. Here are a few thoughts on the main advantages of FTL shipping.


Minimal damage


Increased delivery speed


Best for different types of shipments

FTL is the best transportation option for heavy, fragile, risky, non-stackable, or dangerous cargo. Usually, it is not permitted for many high-risk shiploads to be on the same vehicle. Large, fragile, or non-stackable items will have a lot of difficulties with LTL. The tiny additional cost of FTL shipping is far less than the cost of damage in an LTL shipment.

Important factors to consider

One must consider the time, weight, size, and destination of the package while choosing between FTL and LTL. A complete truckload is the best choice if the freight is significant and must arrive at its destination on schedule and undamaged.

The truck doesn’t always need to be filled. Because they believe that employing a full truckload is only practical for large shipments and that they do not have enough cargo to fill the truck, shippers frequently avoid using this option. That is untrue. The FTL can be transported with only a portion of the weight. However, this tactic works well when businesses need to move important items quickly.

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