Freight forwarding simplified

Freight forwarding simplified

AMG Logistics
4 min readJun 20, 2022
AMG Logistics

The freight forwarding process is the movement of shipments and commodities between two locations, which is handled by a freight forwarder. Businesses that want to grow and expand should think about doing business on a global scale.

Shipping products in and out can be a good way to extend your consumer base, but it can also get quite complicated very quickly. International trade logistics can be challenging, necessitating the assistance of freight forwarders.

How Freight Forwarders Aid in the Transportation Process

Freight forwarders are the persons in the middle who facilitate the transportation process. Freight forwarding services are far more specialized in the process, even though they do not ship the cargo directly. It’s critical that they comprehend international trade, trade regulations, and how to ship on behalf of a business that demands global shipping.

These freight forwarding companies employ agents who can manage shipping and receiving paperwork and documentation. Their goals are to guarantee that a company’s goods are transported correctly and arrive on time. Everything from cargo manifests to insurance claims will be handled by them, and they will even ship products on internal bills of lading.

Steps in the Freight Forwarding Process

Step 1 — Export Haulage

Export haulage is the transfer of goods from a shipper’s location to a freight forwarder’s warehouse. This often necessitates the use of a truck or rail to transport them. The time it takes is determined by the distance travelled, the location of the goods, and the nature of the goods. This step might take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete.

Step 2 — Items Checkpoint

Freight forwarders receiving the cargo will inspect to verify if everything was carried safely immediately after the export haulage stage.

Step 3 — Export Customs Clearance

Clearance from the country of origin is required before items may be exported. Customs brokers oversee this procedure. They must provide information on the shipment as well as any necessary supporting paperwork. The shipper and consignee usually come to an agreement about who is accountable for this procedure. If a freight forwarding business does not provide this service, a third-party customs broker must be hired.

Step 4 — Import Customs Clearance

Authorities in the destination country must review import customs documentation once the package arrives. This stage’s key is that it can start even before the shipment arrives. It is the freight forwarder’s or nominated customs broker’s obligation to complete this clearance by the time the cargo arrives.

Step 5 — Destination Arrival and Handling

Once the shipment arrives, this stage entails a variety of distinct operations. Freight forwarders will get all cargo paperwork, including outstanding documentation, carrier invoices, and more, at this stage. The freight forwarder is always in charge of this operation.

Step 6 — Import Haulage

This operation, which is nearly equivalent to export haulage, carries items from the warehouse to the intended receiver’s final location. Freight forwarders can assist with this procedure, or the consignee might choose to collect the shipment directly.

Businesses Benefit from The Freight Forwarding Process

The steps outlined above are a broad summary of the freight forwarding process that most businesses will go through when doing international business. The freight forwarder’s responsibilities also include laying out adequate routes and determining the most cost-effective travel options for the consignee. This might involve air travel, ground travel, and sea travel. The freight forwarding services required for company success are determined by the types of goods and cargo being shipped.

At AMG Logistics, we work with companies to provide them with the best options when it comes to freight forwarding. Learn more about our freight forwarding services and get a quote for your next logistics needs today!

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