Fostering relationships with your 3PLs

Fostering relationships with your 3PLs

AMG Logistics
3 min readAug 9, 2022
AMG Logistics

Given the intense competition today, it is more important than ever to have a reliable relationship with your logistics partners.

3PLs now provide services that cover the whole supply chain as the logistics industry expands. They now provide global solutions that encompass shipping, warehousing, customs, and IT services, going beyond merely managing your warehouse.

Because of the range of their service offerings, properly integrating a logistics company into your organization requires time and should not be undertaken carelessly. Look for a 3PL when comparing them that is reliable and can be a partner for more than simply the upcoming year.

How can you tell if your logistics partner is reliable and trustworthy, or even if you might conduct business with them in five or ten years? How far are you going above and beyond to establish a solid relationship? What actions does the logistics firm take to follow suit? Managers must answer questions like these while choosing a 3PL partner.

3pl support Pillar

A 3PL partnership entails more than just signing a contract. It connects two businesses and has the potential to succeed or fail. Your bridge will be more solid if it has more support structure.

Here are 4 pillars that might strengthen your relationship with 3PL partners:


Enhance: A reliable 3PL will never become complacent in its work. A 3PL should adapt to changing businesses and procedures as well.


Aim to be “always”: Results should always be produced by your 3PL. Always reply to problems as soon as possible. Always work to win your favour. It is reasonable that this may not ‘always’ occur, but if both you and your logistics partner work toward this goal, you will almost certainly succeed in doing so.


Never say no: With the correct level of resources and work, anything is possible. Does your 3PL provide options?


Don’t monopolize the credit: We all want to showcase our value, so we claim ownership of every initiative. However, you can know your 3PL is not just out for themselves if they give you credit for their ideas, work together to find solutions, and make concessions.

If a 3PL’s consumers are not satisfied, it makes no difference how much experience it has or how big the company is.

Customer service is a priority

What should we take away from this? Simply put, companies should demand nothing less from their suppliers than to place a high focus on providing excellent customer service. The businesses that continue business growth will be the third-party logistics providers who decide to treat their clients like genuine partners in both good and bad times.

Any organization would do well to strengthen ties with its 3PL partner and seek methods to increase cost-efficiency immediately.

What can you expect from your provider? Providers of third-party logistics should be prepared to provide cost-cutting ideas before being asked, as well as to deliver momentary rate reductions or process enhancements, as needed. It is a reciprocal partnership that necessitates a high level of trust. Keep in mind that a bridge can only be built with two solid foundations.

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