Choosing core carriers

Choosing core carriers

AMG Logistics
3 min readAug 30, 2022
AMG Logistics

With so many carriers competing for your business, selecting core carriers may be difficult.

The following 10 suggestions will help you maintain your composure when carriers come courting with all their lights and whistles.


Capacity is essential in every way: Verify the carriers’ capabilities to meet all your transportation demands before choosing one. You rely on your carriers to deliver packages quickly, without issues, and without delay. Carriers must have the tools and personnel at their disposal in every lane they manage for you to do this.


Verify financial standing: You are choosing dependable partners who will cooperate with you to achieve a common objective. Choose a carrier that will be a reliable business partner. Make sure it is solvent, not on the verge of bankruptcy, and prepared to invest in its operations and maintain the kind of high-quality equipment required to meet your demands.


Generate references: Look for businesses that are comparable to yours that the carrier may use as references. Review the quality service metrics provided by the airline. This includes performance standards including a history of on-time and damage-free deliveries.


Make sure your carrier can accommodate your demands: If you need EDI for load tendering, shipment status, delivery notice, invoicing, and/or reimbursement, make sure your carrier can handle that.


Pay attention to the billing control: Billing mistakes may be expensive, thus it’s crucial that the key carriers you choose have reliable billing procedures. Additionally, confirm that the carriers will be able to give you the necessary supporting paperwork.


Flexibility is essential: Can your carriers fulfil any “unique” needs you may have quickly? Will your carriers be able to manage it if your equipment needs to change? Can your carriers handle customized handling for your clients as well?


Has the carrier made big investments in technology? Can your carrier give you access to real-time shipment tracking information and early notice of service interruptions so you can respond to your customers? Does your carrier, if it has one, have the resources required to effectively express your wants and/or issues to the appropriate party?


A service area check: Make sure the carriers you choose offer services to the locations you intend to ship to. If the service is interlined, you should examine the interline carriers utilized to service these sites just as carefully as you would your main carriers.


Look for collaborative solutions: Verify that your primary carriers are willing to work together to solve your shipping issues and that they all have a similar commitment to doing so. Additionally, you should look for partners in your core carriers that will help you enhance your own business and cut expenses wherever feasible. They may be open to discussing a wide variety of concerns with you, such as appointment scheduling, timely collection, and delivery, and packing problems.


Never solely compare prices: Avoid making the mistake of assuming the cheapest carrier delivers the greatest value. By weighing price and service quality in combination, you’ll find the greatest deal. Consider the lowest landing cost, which also includes additional costs for anticipated damage, reconciliation, and billing mistakes.

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