7 Attributes of highly successful 3PLs

7 Attributes of highly successful 3PLs

AMG Logistics
3 min readAug 16, 2022
AMG Logistics

When you’re trying to get the right goods to the right place at the right time at the right price, having the appropriate logistics partner may be convenient, cost-effective, and provide you with a competitive edge.

The secret to adapting to the demands placed on your strategic supply chain plans by production schedules, capacity, climatic conditions, and other factors is execution. An excellent 3PL offers top-notch transportation management and process enhancements that can result in effectiveness in execution.

These seven services that your 3PL should be able to provide include:


Offer visibility
Inventory is essentially what a product in transit is. It is in your supply chain even though it is not in your manufacturing or distribution site. To create procedures for obtaining and reporting inventory status, your 3PL should collaborate with you.

The focus of each driver dispatch should be confirming the transit time and necessary arrival dates. You can ensure that your rolling inventory will be delivered on time by checking the status of each shipment using automated and human processes.


Monitor performance
For you to make educated supply chain decisions, your 3PL should measure performance and offer reports. Developing perspective across the organizational functional silos is the first stage. The management of transportation and supply chain expenses overall is the next step in maximizing revenue potential.


Build an affordable network
Cheap transportation costs do not equate to low costs. The creation of the most cost-effective network that guarantees that the product is where it needs to be when it needs to be there, is the ultimate objective in logistics and transportation. Purchasing transportation with a long-term, strategic perspective can result in better service and reduced prices.


Offer multimodal choices
By altering transit times, rotating modes, and choosing carriers, multimodal solutions can assist reduce the risk of running out of inventory in addition to capacity planning. No matter the mode, timely visibility of shipments gives you useful information you can utilize to assist lower expensive out-of-stocks.


Create internal and industry rate benchmarks
Establishing rate benchmarks by lane and finding low-rate carriers is necessary to build a low-cost network, achieve a real low-cost solution, and discover waste in your supply chain. When 3PLs create internal and external benchmarks, you may compare your performance to both your past outcomes and the whole market.


Construct proposals depending on constraints
Math is used by constraint-based bidding technologies to optimize pricing and constrain carriers in various ways. A typical limitation can be a lane’s maximum traffic, a facility’s minimum or maximum number of carriers, or fines for not offering services like EDI and drop trailers or for having a low on-time %.

Professionals in logistics who are familiar with the tools and undertake constraint-based bids on a regular basis can help establish a baseline for future improvements. In addition to saving money, the technologies pave the way for maintaining long-term carrier partnerships rather than a vast, dispersed network.


Establish dependable transit times
Effective carrier management and on-time delivery are essential. KPIs for successful deliveries may be determined with the aid of 3PLs because they differ from company to firm. Then, you may collaborate with your 3PL to create operational guidelines and data collection techniques. Process mapping, data integrity, and timely reporting will all work together to ensure effective delivery.

Optimum profit is produced when your product is where it should be when it should be there, and at a planned, total landed cost. That is the standard of service you can anticipate from a strategic 3PL.

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